My First Wedding: Timeless Love

My First Wedding: Timeless Love

The first time I photographed a wedding, I was intrigued. Not just because I was loving every moment of the job, it was because it made me remember that love didn’t have anything to do with an age. Love is timeless.

This wasn’t your typical pair of love birds. No one got giggly, no one shifted from side to side when they spoke about the nuptials. They were ‘in love’ but level-headed and very pragmatic. They were elderly, but their love was no less beautiful than the younger couples that wedding photographers usually encounter.

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Working with them made me remember the expression “Love is a verb”. You could tell that they love each other and it was gorgeous.

I created the following portrait to reflect how I interpreted their love for each other. It’s a photo that I cherish dearly. I wanted to show the class of the couple and the newness of their marriage which was contrasted by their experience in life.

For me, this wedding bore a life lesson: Don’t ever think you’re too old for love. In the words of Sir Elton John, “You’re never too old to hold somebody.”

Smith Wedding Portrait



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