Even The Barren Tree Makes the World Beautiful

Barren Tree
Yesterday, in the middle of a shoot, I looked up, and thought about a tree I saw just behind me. There were no leaves on its branches, while all of the other trees around it were still green, swaying in the mid day sun.
As I looked at it I thought about the fact that even in the midst of what may appear to be challenging times, we can find beauty and triumph. I thought about the fact that sometimes, when we look at a situation, we are looking for something, when something else is presented to us.
While the nearby Poui may have beautifully coloured foliage now and this tree has none, the beautiful colour of the poui will eventually subside, and this tree, remarkable in its bright green foliage standing tall among others in the park, would find its time to shine.
it is this ebb and flow caused by diversity that keeps the world beautiful at all times. This is what makes the beauty of nature so remarkable. We all make the world beautiful in different ways. 



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