Dominoes in Jamaica – near the Martha Brae


While in Jamaica, my group decided (by coersion or otherwise) to go river rafting on the Martha Brae River. As we arrived, we weren’t certain whether we were at the start or the end of the course, but I noticed some elderly gentlemen, happily interacting with each other while sitting under a shed, and playing dominoes.

Not a bad hand there

Now the playing of dominoes is a popular pastime among older men in the Caribbean, and in many islands, the younger men enjoy the game as well.

I walked over, needing to get some information from them, and after their polite answer, I asked if they would mind me grabbing my camera and taking a few photos of them playing.

“Yeah man. What newspapers [do] you work with?”

Chuckling, I hustled off, and when I returned, I gave them the disappointing news that I don’t work with any newspaper.

“That’s alright” one dreadlocked gentleman said. “Just make sure we look handsome as we are!”

My colleagues all felt that I was intruding, until they saw him turn around, and give me a ‘thumbs up’ signal.

Just make sure we look handsome as we are!

As a young(ish) man I always find it refreshing to hang out with older men though – they provide so much wisdom and insight into life. It make me feel as though I’m connecting with timeless wisdom.

Having fun playing dominoes

This time was no different. It was a group of friends, having fun playing dominoes, laughing at each others’ losses, and complimenting each other on good wins, with no harm or malice. Just like it’s supposed to be.

And it sure made for some nice photos!

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